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Nail Trends From The Spring 2017 Runway

Posted on April 14 2017

Whether you're getting a manicure at a salon or are doing it yourself at home, having some new polish on your nails is undoubtedly satisfying and can be quite a relaxing process. The nail colors and designs from the Spring 2017 runway came with some surprises and classic favorites that have us feeling inspired for our next manicure. We've compiled some of our favorite nail trends for spring 2017 that will have you covered for the season.  


Look 1: Heavy Metallics

Spring Nail Trends 2017

(Photo Credits: All IMAXTREE)

Metallic nails aren't the typical spring nail color but they were a hit this past spring on the runway as seen here at Desigual (left), Nicholas K (center), and 3.1 Phillip Lim. What we love about metallics is that they match which virtually everything, and can even compliment your jewelry. Wear it over your nail completely, speckled on top of the nail, or lightly over a neutral colored polish for a modern look.  


Look 2: Dark Matter

Spring Nail Trends 2017 (Photo Credits: @jinsoonchoi, Mi-Anne Chan, IMAXTREE)

If you love the edginess of dark colors but are seeking a fresh take on the look we suggest going with a design that incorporates both dark polish and your bare nails. Dark colored nails paired with a brighter colored spring outfit make for a great contrast that will make both your outfit and nails stand out even more. Whether you're going for a more uniformed design seen at Vera Wang (left) and Alice + Olivia (right) or for a more spontaneous look like the nails seen at Proenza Schouler, we're positive that your modern dark nail design will look incredibly chic!


Look 3: Graphic Design

Spring Nail Trends 2017

(Photo Credits: Christian Louboutin, IMAXTREE, IMAXTREE)

While graphic nail art may not necessarily be groundbreaking, this rise of geometric inspired nails is giving us some serious Mondrian vibes. Creatures of Comfort (right) showed off nails that took the classic French manicure to a new colorful level whereas Christian Louboutin (left) and Teatum Jones (center) displayed how to do minimalistic modern art on nails. If you're an art lover or just looking for a design that's unique yet simple, we suggest going with a design similar to these nails.


Look 4: Think Pink

Spring Nail Trends 2017(Photo Credits: IMAXTREE, IMAXTREE, Becky Maynes)

Light pink nails are as adorable as they are elegant. Naeem Khan (left), Jill Stuart (center), and Reem Acra (right) all went with this shade that showcase the aura of spring time blooms. What we love about light pink nails is how they are colorful but not overly bold, which makes them a perfect choice if you're looking for something that is both sweet and subtle. 


We hope you loved these Spring 2017 runway nail trends as much as we did. If you felt inspired enough to model your next manicure after one of these nail looks, make sure to show us @deblossomshoes. We would love to which one is your favorite! 


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